ABC’s of Faith Part 3

September 28, 2014

Romans 8:32

How shall God not freely give to us when He gave His only begotten Son to save us? There is nothing more valuable than the Son of God  

5 Areas of Our Lives Where We Need Faith

3) To achieve our goals and overcome the challenges that come with them 

- when you don't have a goal, then you loose the ability for a skill or blessing to be brought    out if you.  

- just like nuts are hidden within a shell, so is the goodness of a church

- our own estimation of ourselves only derives from how much we say our worth is 

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ABC’s of Faith Part 2

September 21, 2014

Hebrews 3:12

God refers to unbelief as evil
Embrace new opportunities to exercise your faith   
Proverbs 3:5 
 Our understanding is not suppose to replace our trust in The Lord   
 Hebrews 10:38

 5 Areas of Our Lives Where We Need Faith    
      1) In your relationship with God   
      2) having your personal needs met

            - Trust that God will provide for every need in your life. 
- Philippians 4:19  -Bring God to the place in your life where He Supplies ALL of your needs  
            - Matthew 6:25-34- Focus on and seek the Kingdom of God and then ALL things will be added unto you. 

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Seven Steps To Encouraging Yourself

September 16, 2014

The strength of the builder can be decayed. 
Nehemiah 4:10-11
Courage enables a person to face difficulty, pain, etc without fear. 
Joshua 1:3-7; 9
You need courage to step into the promises God has given us. 
Courage is your strength. 
How do we stay encouraged? 
1) develop a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit 
     1 John 4:4
2) receive living messages from God by the simple messages of scriptures 
3) remember other problems God has delivered you from 
    Mark 8:18-21
4) make positive confessions 
    -let your words match with what you are expecting 
    -faith is related to speaking 
5) learn to listen to the appropriate messages and get fired up again 
6) play the right music at the right time 
7) avoid depressive and discouraging personalities/people

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ABC’s of Faith Part 1

September 14, 2014

Hebrews 11:1
You will understand the elements that make up faith 
-faith is substantial 
-faith is evidence
When you are walking by faith it is a zig zag journey 
It is impossible to please God without faith. 
When people have faith, they have taken the first step towards pleasing God. 
2 Corinthians 4:18
Faith causes things that are invisible to be visible
5 Areas of Our Lives Where We Need Faith  
1) In your relationship with God 
We don't come to God asking for proof of His existence; instead God requires you to believe in Him before you come to Him
Jude 1:24-Don't walk with God by feelings, instead walk with God by faith!
Hebrews 10:38 -The Just lives by faith 


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God Loves The World

September 7, 2014

John 3:16

God's highest expression of love; for God to reach the entire world, He uses love; the one thing everyone can relate with 

Colossians 3:14

Love is a binding  agent. Love connects us above all other things, universally. Today people try so many other ways to connect to God, except through love. 

Revelation 5:9-10

God's intention is to spread His love and to tell everyone that they can speak and respond to the language of love. Expression of love is troughs The Son and to accept the love is to receive The Son. 

International Day is a good day to respond to the differences in us.

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7 Things That You Can Expect From You Shepherd/Pastor II

August 24, 2014
Ps 23. 
1 Pet 5:1-4 
Acts 20:28 
John 21:15-17 
Jer 3:15 
Matt 4:4
- The fact that there is a chief shepherd means there are other shepherds( like elders)
- You relate to the government by relating to its agents
- God feeds His people through giving spiritual food to the shepherds.
- The feeding of the sheep is important to The Lord.
- Feeding is having a constant supply of food or something to something or someone who needs it.
- Man is not designed to survive on bread alone but also every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
- Our spiritual food breaks down into knowledge and understanding whiles physical food breaks down into vitamins n carbohydrate etc
- To be feed properly you need to be at a place of rest( lie down)
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7 Things That You Can Expect From Your Shepherd/Pastor

August 17, 2014
Matt 9:35-36
Is 53:6 Ps 23:1 
- Sheep are distressed and scattered without a shepherd.
- The sheep goes astray without a shepherd.
- The church is the operational centre where the shepherd operates so need to belong to a church to have a shepherd( pastor)
Ps  23:1-6
- The sheep experience prosperity and blessings (vs 1)
- The blessing of peace and calmness ( vs 2). This depends on ur ability to be led by the shepherd.
- The sheep receives spiritual food n nourishment (vs 2). The word of God is the engine of a mans life.
- The blessing of comfort n encouragement( vs 4)
- The blessings of the grace of God( anointing)  in your life.(vs 5)
-  The blessings of goodness and mercy.( vs 6)
- The blessing of eternal living. ( vs 6)
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Why We Have Missions

August 3, 2014
John 3:16, Lk 16:19-23, Rom 10:8-15
- God loves the whole world.
- God expects everyone to move from their present location to somewhere else n preach
- When we serve God well and do His wish,He feels obligated to bless us for things we have not asked for Eg.A good service of a waiter at a restaurant.
- God has shown us how not to perish but if we do,He has no option than to punish us.Eg The duty of the govt or police.
- Life is like a musical chair with the players losing focus of securing their place on the chair but rather get so engulfed with the music of life.
- The reason why people have not heard,believed and called upon The Lord is bcos there no preachers have been sent.
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The Mustard Seed II

July 27, 2014
Lk 2:6-14,40,52 John 3:16-17
- Most first born children are treated or welcomed specially but not wrapped on swaddling clothes or laid in a manger.
- The highest expression of love is to give yourself or a person to someone.
- A savior or a great thing can appear small,wrapped in a swaddling clothes n lying in a manger.
- Only wise men can see the savior in a babe lying in the manger.
- The babe( the new church) can become you source of strength,wisdom,favor and the grace of God.
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The Mustard Seed

July 20, 2014
Matt 13:31-32
- When God starts a new thing it is the smallest of all things e.g. a person who is born as a little child
- If you do not have eye for small things you can easily miss God.
- A tree becomes a place of rest,raising of kids,shelter or protection for danger etc for the birds so is the small child that becomes big with time.
- The least of all seeds can become the greater than all herbs when God is in it.
- It's just a matter of time before the less of seeds become greater than all herbs and becomes a tree.
- God is like fire that doesn't need you to believe in it to burn.It will burn anything it comes into contact with whether you believe it or not
- Herbs are like the church which brings out the fragrances in peoples lives.
- Herbs like the church also have medicinal values meant for the restoring of our souls.
- Just as the king of kings was born in a manger so will a new small church also grow to become great
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