What It Means To Be Puffed Up Like Korah

March 1, 2015

1. Korah was puffed up because he thought that the pastor (Moses) was obliged to listen to his opinion.
                 -Colossians 2:18 
                 - Numbers 16:1-3
                 -  offer your suggestions in humility; when your suggestions are not used just thank The Lord 
                 -  being a leader means to take ordinary things, put them together and produce something great! 
2.  Korah was puffed up because he tried to correct a spiritual authority.
                 -Proverbs 30:10
                 -recognition of wrong is not your right to fix it
                 -Hebrews 5:1-2
                 -God chooses someone with a weakness, so that person can deal with His people gently
                 -Korah felt that he needed to correct what God missed in Moses 
                                 -God will correct His people 
                                 - 1 Peter 5:1-4 

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What It means to be puffed up like Pharaoh

February 15, 2015

 1. You are puffed up like Pharaoh when you are overconfident and do not consider other options and possibilities            -          1 Corinthians 4:18-19

2. You are puffed like Pharaoh when you are full of delusions. 
       -      You must always be grateful and always say thank you 
     -     The Word of God helps us not to be delusional
     -     You must not be so passionate about something to the extent that you lose what you have
 3. We know Pharaoh was puffed up because he fell from his position as the ruler of a powerful country to become the ruler of a destroyed and powerless nation
     -      When you destroy something you don't have anything to replace it with
     -      Make it a possibility to be wrong 
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What it means to be puffed up like Belshazzar

February 8, 2015

1. When you don't respect the church or pastors
We have to be careful not to cross spiritual lines; most of the times we don't even know when we have crossed spiritual lines
            -          1 Corinthians 5
-          Daniel 5:2-3
We must not let arrogance and pride allow us to misuse and abuse sacred things because we must show respect to the person that is using them 
2. When you think God is not important and the only important things are gold, silver and wood. 
 -      Daniel 5:4 
If you work for, love and seek after money, you will find that money is a hard master 

3. Belshazzar was puffed up because he did not learn from his father’s mistakes
Everyone needs 2 examples in life: what to be and what not to be 
-          Daniel 5:18, 22-23

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Formula for Humility - Sign of a proud person is to be puffed up

February 1, 2015

Chapter 12- What it means to be puffed up like Nebuchadnezzar 
1. You are puffed up like Nebuchadnezzar when you do not listen to warnings from your pastors and prophets

   Daniel 4:27 
2. You are puffed up like Nebuchadnezzar when you think that your achievements have been by your own efforts                   Daniels 4:30
           John 3:27 
           1 Corinthians 15:10
    Success is when you use the grace that God has given you and not remain lazy
3) We know Nebuchadnezzar was puffed up because he fell from his position and lived with the beasts of the field
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Reasons Why We Need to be Humble

January 25, 2015

You need to remain humble to walk with God.

1. God resists proud people.
When you’re proud you set God up against you. James 4:6

2. God gives grace to humble people. Philippians 2:13
Grace is God’s help that you didn’t qualify for but He gives to you .Luke 16:12
3. Humble yourself so that you will be covered and protected. 1 Peter 5:5.
People who walk in pride are attractive to demons.
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Formula For Humility

January 18, 2015

Formula For Humility  - 7 Reasons Why You Should Humble Yourself

1) Humble yourself because God resist the proud. James 4:6;10 

2) God gives grace to humble people. Luke 16:12 
3) You will be lifted up to the next level in life

    1 Peter 5:6 

    Psalm 1: 1-3

4) Humble yourself before The Lord so that you will be covered and protected. 

    1 Peter 5:5

5) Humble yourself because your pride will lead to destruction, your fall and shame 

    Proverbs 29:23; 16:18; 11:2

6) Humble yourself in the sight of The Lord because pride is essentially satanic and demonic 

7) Humble yourself in the sight The Lord because your pride will make you an abomination to God

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Why This Must Be Your Year of Serving God

January 4, 2015
1. There is a difference between those who serve God and those who do not.  Mal 3:18

2. Serving the LORD with joy and gladness of heart will result in the abundance of all things - Deut 28:47
- Psalm 122:1 - I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go into the house of the LORD.'
- Psalm 100:1-2 Make a joyful noise... Serve the LORD with gladness, come before the His presence with singing
- Deut 28:37-46 - curses of not serving the LORD with joy and gladness of heart
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2015 - Year of Serving God

January 1, 2015
- God has called us to serve Him! That is the main focus of the church.
- It is important to learn how to enter the blessing that is upon this house
  2 Tim 2:1 - Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus

- Mal 3:8-18
  - one way to be blessed by God is by paying the tithe
- it is a mistake feel or think 'it is in vain that we have served the LORD'
- a true believer must not insist on any particular blessing that they will be offended if it does not come

-v18 in the long run, LORD differentiates between those who serve Him and those who do not
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Testimony and Thanksgiving

December 28, 2014

- Luke 17:12-19 - of the 10 lepers that Jesus healed, only one, a Samaritan (foreigner) returned to thank Him.

- When God has done something for you, He expects you to return to Him to say Thank You!

- Let the redeemed of the LORD say so Psalm 107:2

- We have all been given one chance. We didn't ask for it, but we have been blessed with LIFE. 

- Isa 48:17 - God is the one who causes things to work out for us

- Receive things you have been given with gratefulness and especially when they are not all you would have wished for

- James 4:13-15 - Constantly acknowledge God's will in your life. 

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When God Has a Baby

December 25, 2014
The word 'baby' is a descriptive word for something small. e,g, baby steps, baby car, etc
When God has a baby, it refers to small beginnings

Many of God's purposes and plans begin small.
Matt 13:31 - God's way often includes taking something that is insignificant and small and growing it to the full effect.

3 Characteristics of God's Babies

1. They may not have an impressive beginning
- Luke 2:11-14 - in swadling cloths in a manger
- A new church is God's baby.
- It is a mistake to judge the baby by their size and the manger residence

2. It is a privilege to be invited to attend to that baby
- Matt 2:8-15 - Herod was not invited tp worship the baby, as the wise and the shepherds
- Whatever sacrifice you have to make to attend to God's baby, it is worth it

3. Wise men see the blessing in the invitation and they come to worship the baby
- Matt 2:1-12
- The wise deploy their gift with the baby. They invest themselves into it and do not hold back.
- The baby of the LORD grows and becomes a blessing to all.
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